Suffolk Wildlife Trust

We are delighted that you'll have the opportunity of meeting the team of the Suffolk Wildlife Trust at Celebrating Saxtead. They'll have heaps of information and resources about our local wildlife. You can chat to them about their work, and perhaps, how you could get involved and help.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust is the county's nature charity – the only organisation dedicated wholly to safeguarding Suffolk’s wildlife and countryside.

The Trust has led local nature conservation efforts in Suffolk for five decades and has saved some of the county's most important wildlife sites as nature reserves. In the past eight years the Trust has spent over £7 million buying land for wildlife and currently cares for nearly 8000 acres of some of Suffolk's most inspiring wild places. Our nature reserves are open to enjoy whenever you wish, there is no charge - instead we ask you to help us look after them by becoming a member.

For animals and plants to thrive they need corridors of suitable habitat - river valleys, hedgerows and gardens, where they can move safely through the landscape. In this sense our nature reserves work as ecological hubs and we work closely with neighbouring landowners, communities and partner organisations to create swathes of wildlife-rich countryside where wildlife can spill out into the wider landscape - a Living Landscape.